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I love this old photo of my dad. I've seen that same mischievous, self-assured, little boy grin so many times on the man, father, grandfather, great-grandfather. The reflections of old cars captured forever in the window. Hot rods, fast cars, Indy and NASCAR, chopping this, welding that, sparks flying, fat tires, pinstripes and flames all around. Me holding wrenches and welding rods just to be close to him. I look past the window and see reflections of the man to be. My eyes sparkle, and I feel that same grin reflected upon my face.

Vintage image of boy at barbershop with reflections of hot rods, cars, tires and flames
"Pops" digital composition


Please feel free to contact regarding original artwork for sale. All original art paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Reproductions and gift items are available through my online store at Fine Art America.

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