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Serenity Symphony

At the beach staring off into the horizon

Quickly lulled into a peaceful, serene place

Calm yet energized and renewed

Serenity Symphony original oil painting - Serene waves at Encinitas Moonlight Beach, San Diego, California, by artist Darla Nyren, Breeze Hill Art,

Crashing waves envelop my senses

A slight breeze and ocean spray awaken my being

My mind frees as my breath syncopates to the rhythm of the surf

Crackling, tumbling, ocean weary rocks

Pull me to follow as the tide claims them once again

Shaping and exposing their splendor

With each ebb and flow the beauty and vastness take me away

As the warm sand cradling my feet

Tethers me to mother earth

My soul blessed

By this grand symphony of life

Serenity Symphony, Original oil/acrylic painting by artist Darla Nyren, 30 x 30 x 1.5 canvas, (Commission)

Please feel free to contact regarding original artwork. All original art paintings come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, Darla Nyren.

Reproductions and gift items of original paintings and digital art available through my online store at Fine Art America.


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