• Darla Nyren

Rushing in

A blue winter's day I'm surrounded by stormy clouds and tides rushing in and taking me far, far away. Suddenly there's nothing else. I have to remind myself to come back but I hold on to that lingering feeling. What could that be? Ah - Bliss.

At Del Mar North Beach, San Diego North County, California.

Rushing in - original acrylic art painting - winter beach, waves stormy clouds Del Mar North Beach San Diego, California, by artist Darla Nyren, Breeze Hill Art, www.breezehillart.com

Rushing in, Original acrylic painting, 36 x 36 x 1.5 canvas, (framed)

On Exhibition June 3 - July 4 at

2016 Fine Arts Exhibition, San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.

Please feel free to contact info@breezehillart.com regarding this or other original pieces.

Available in museum quality prints, canvas, and greeting cards through Fine Art America.

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